Freedom is a Fundamental Human Right



Freedom is more than democracy and liberty.
Freedom is a comprehensive term that includes not only the right of free choice,
but the ability to exercise the right of free choice.

     Throughout history people have strived to be free. Yet all people still live with less freedom than is possible. Individuals must sacrifice some of their freedom in order to live in even a democratic society, such as for example not being able to violate any laws. Additionally, even if one lives in a free society, their freedom is limited by the need to earn a living, which subjects them to spending time in a dictatorship environment if they work for an employer, or the slavery of being tied to operating their own business.

     Since humans consist of both a tangible physical state (body) and an intangible mental state (mind), the way to achieve true freedom is to find technologies and methods that fully satisfy both states of human existence. Knowledge is the key to having such technologies and methods. With the right new knowledge Humanity can solve any problem and achieve any desired result. Eventually, robots, computers, and machines will be developed to the point where they can perform all the work that needs to be done, which will free humans from the binding chains of earning a living, and thereby allow humans true freedom to pursue happiness and fulfillment. This unlimited production capability and technological advancement will enable Humanity to have infinite provision for all tangible needs and wants for existence, and thereby allow each individual to live in an environment that suits whatever physical needs and desires that individual has.

     Through genetic engineering, chemical manipulation, and/or some other method, Humanity will achieve the ability to provide for all mental needs and desires. Humans will discover how to access and unleash the full capabilities and power of the brain, and thereby reach levels of intelligence and thought that takes the essence of being to an unimaginably complete state of existence. Humanity will be able to achieve control of the brain so one can elect to have any feeling or emotion desired such as a perpetual state of happiness, or one could elect to avoid any feeling or emotion and experience pure thought. Each individual will have the capability to completely control their thoughts, and thereby be the god of their own universe, the king of their mental sphere of existence.

     Additionally, Humanity will develop sensory devices to enhance mental abilities, and virtual reality systems for unlimited mental experiences. These enhanced virtual reality systems will allow people to experience anything desired, and it will be and feel as if it actually happened. For example, instead of reading a novel, one can live the story in a three dimensional perception that cannot be distinguished from reality. Through virtual systems one can experience anything they can conceptualize. Everyone would have their own unlimited mental amusement park, and the experiences can be interactive with other humans. Total freedom exists in such a world where ones virtual actions cannot cause harm or damage to anything real. For example, one could go on a mental safari and have the experience of bagging big game, yet cause no harm. There are no limits or rules in virtual land. In such a place, even the sky is not the limit because one can fly like an eagle if they so desire.

     Humanity's wisdom will increase by devoting more resources toward knowledge, and through such increased abilities each individual will be able to live in their vision of a perfect place, subject to solving the problem of achieving a perfect balance between the individual and society. It is a fact of life that as long as humans are in carbon based vessels, and they interact with each other, there is a need for some form of government and some restrictions. At the very least there needs to be a total prohibition against harming other life. Also when there is interaction between humans, there must be some limits on conduct, such as rules against urinating on sidewalks. Any rules, and methods for enforcing the rules, should be established by the majority of humans through democracy. Basic fundamental government services are also necessary for coordinating common efforts, determining land use, and ensuring that everyone has access to the unlimited production capabilities. Under such future technological circumstances all institutions, other than government, are unnecessary. Multiple levels of government are unnecessary, and a global government is all that is needed. Of course there should be total freedom for people to establish private clubs and organizations.

     One way to satisfy all parties when balancing the right of individual freedom against the right of people not to be annoyed, injured, or offended by actions of others, is to allow any activity, but restrict where the activity may be engaged in. Clearly one should have total freedom inside their own home. When one wants to interact with other humans, in a real setting, they should be able to select the environment that has the rules they prefer. Instead of standard rules for all public places, society could establish different rules for different places so that each person can go to the type of public place where there are rules of conduct and behavior that suits their preference. There could be a varying mixture of rules of conduct for different public places which results in at least one easily accessible place to satisfy any particular type of mixture of desired public behavior. For example, nudists who like to swill beer, smoke stogies, curse, and listen to loud rock bands, should have a public place to go to that suits their desires, and people who are offended by such behavior would know to avoid that place. Under such a system there is total freedom, except for the harm to life prohibition, and except for some restrictions on where some conduct may be engaged in. Actually, even a harm to life desire can be fulfilled, either through virtual reality, or with lifelike robotic forms. In the future all needs and desires will be fulfilled, subject to some restrictions on where it may be done.

     True freedom is the ability for each person to live as they desire. This is the ultimate human dream, and therefore should be Humanity's consummate goal. Such a place is commonly defined as Paradise or Utopia. We could accelerate the pace at which we reach this better world if we made the same a common goal, and devoted some more resources toward finding the knowledge to make it a reality for all.



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